IP camera webpage is not working in jetpack 5.1 in jetson xavier nx

I have using the jetson xavier nx with jetpack5.1 to get the python3.8 and latest version packages. But during running the IP IR CPPLUS 8MP camera, getting the error retrieving frame. So i try to open the camera webpage and its working fine but the feeding is just shows the loading. please help to solve this problem.

thanks …


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hello himanshibaghel27,

may I know what’s your pipeline to fetch the camera stream, please share the failure messages, such as $ dmesg > klog.txt for reference.
besides, could you please moving to the latest Jetpack release version, i.e. JP-5.1.2 to reproduce this issue again.

I have tried to install Jetpack 5.1.2 on the Seeed reComputer j2022 Jetson Xavier NX using the NVIDIA SDK Manager, and I have also installed an NVMe SSD drive with a capacity of less than 512GB in the M.2 M-Key slot of the device. My aim is to install Jetpack on the SSD, but it doesn’t show the actual space of the SSD, and I’m getting an out-of-memory error.

it’s not developer kit, please contact with vendor for further supports.

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