Is it possible to use PhysX Vehicle SDK in Issac Gym?

Isaac Gym is based on the PhysX backend. When I read the PhysX documentation, I found that PhysX offers Vehicle SDK, containing API for vehicle modelling.

The Vehicle SDK documentation says that the vehicle SDK “sits outside the core SDK”, so I understand it’s not directly available in Isaac Gym. But is it possible to use it with some coding? I would like to know whether Vehicle SDK and Isaac Gym’s data model is compatible, so it’s possible to write some binding to create Vehicle actors in Python. If so, I wish I could get some advice and instructions.

Hi @obfish,

I’m afraid that this is not possible with the current Isaac Gym, but it’s a great idea for us to explore in the future.

In general, for Isaac Gym usage, I’d recommend that you experiment with URDF models with wheels. It should be possible to do some interesting work with those using torque based control. We have not ourselves worked much with wheeled robots in Isaac Gym thus far, so please let us know if you hit any snags.

Take care,