Is there any way to get Lidar Elongation or Ring index? Driveworks

Hi, i know in Lidar.h there is only xyzi or rthi for coord system. How to get the elongation or Ring index? like in Waymo or Nuscenes feature num

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native Ubuntu 18.04

Hi, any update on this?

I’m checking with our team and will get back to you. Thanks.

Regarding the elongation, it is equivalent to the pulse width that is part of the aux data of the point cloud. However, it is only available if the lidar vendor provides that value. We expect that the lidar computes the elongation/pulse width and sends it as part of the raw data that is then mapped to the aux field for the point.
If the vendor provides that data it will be available in the aux data.

Regarding the ring index, the attribute seems to be nuscenes-specific assuming a point cloud is built up of rings at fixed elevation, each corresponding to a distinct laser. This attribute is not provided as part of our API. It is very dependent on the design of the point cloud.
Users will have to compute this attribute themselves given the point cloud design allows for it.

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Where can i get the aux field of the point?

After double-checking, it has been confirmed that the ‘auxData’ field is only available in DriveWorks 6.x, which is only for the Orin generation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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