Is this a good place to post bugs?

So, I just installed Omniverse today, and I’m trying Create 2020.3.1.

One little annoying bug that I’ve found right of the bat, is that when Create crashes, and I open it up again, the viewport camera keeps rotating continuously and there’s no way to stop it. I’ve also noticed I have to press all crtl+alt+windows keys in my keyboard while it’s rotating, before closing it to be able to reset. Just closing it up and open it up again doesn’t fix the continuous rotation animation in the viewport camera.

It’s almost like Create saves up something (like pressing alt and left click mouse to rotate the camera) to disk, and you have to press alt/crtl/windows just to flag it that the key was released, so it resets the rotation and opens up correctly. Very weird!!!

One extra info that may be related to the problem: Since my main system is a Linux machine, I’m testing it in my gamming windows machine that I use through Parsec remote desktop. So the problem may be happening because of that.

I notice that my Parsec remote desktop (which uses nvidia encoder to stream in 120fps) freezes sometimes for a few seconds when opening Create.

Apart from that, Create seems to crash a lot, specially when accessing the omniverse server directory. It’s a hit or miss when I’m trying to open the read only NVIDIA folder to open some of the samples, for example.

If this is not the place to report bugs, I would really appreciate if you could point me out where to post this!

I’m really interested on Omniverse as the main backend for a remote working environment our studio is migrating to, and I want to help any way I can.

Almost forgot to mention: I’m running Omniverse open beta in a 8 Core machine with 16GB of ram and a RTX2060S, running Windows 10.


Actually… just after posting this message here my Creator started crashing at startup!
Where does it save it’s own configuration, like plugins it should load at startup? I’ve enabled some of the plugins to check then out, and it could be the cause its crashing at startup now. So I would like to just reset any configuration it may have saved to disk.

I was able to run Creator from one of the .bat files, and got a log now:

It seems to be crashing at rtx.denoising.plugin.dll. I did play around with the settings for the PathTracer Denoise, so not sure if I messed some configuration that is breaking the plugin now.

Hey @hradec, this is the right place to post these sorts of issues. Seems like you are hitting issues with memory usage. By any chance are you running any other 3D apps using some of your vram?

Could you attach the full log file? The first line you get in the console when running omni.create.bat will point you to the log location.

Great @revl!
At some point, during tests, I had Unreal 4.25 running, but when I tried to open Creator, Unreal crashed.

But now I have nothing running. I even closed Epic Launcher just in case! :)

here’s the log file:
kit_20201220_184708.log (137.2 KB)

I’m going to update the Nvidia driver to 460.89, which is the latest. I’m currently running 457.30.

After installing 460.89, I was able to open Creator again, although the “camera rotating weirdness” happened again, I’ve pressed crtl/alt/windows key and close it. Opening again, everything was fine, and this time I was able to open the marbles sample on the first try!

So, I think the crash problem was related to the 457.30 version, which I assumed it would be ok since it was newer then the required version… but I guess it wasn’t ok! :P

anyhow, I think the only minor bug is the camera rotating thing that happens when it crashes unexpectedly!

Ha… I think there’s one more! After switching back and forward from RTX/Path Tracer on creator, denoise stops working for booth of then, and I see this in the console:


it does seem like I’m running out of memory indeed:

I guess 8GB is not enough to handle that marbles sample scene?

That Marbles scene is very complex. We tuned it down to fit in 8GB, but it’s probably still pushing the limits. You could try removing some of the objects from the scene and save out your changes and reload.

As for the drivers, this currently what we recomment:

yes! thanks!
I’m using the driver version 460.89, and Create seems much more stable now.

I’m having some trouble with with CACHE now… when I open Create, it says CACHE is online, and I can see the omniverse/localhost. As soon as I open the localhost, it shows all the folders and files just fine, but Create says the Cache is OFF. Very weird.

If I open the Cache settings, it says everything is up and running, including cache! But the cache itself has 0 bytes and 0 files, even after I have opening the marbles scene.

The issue with the cache state transitioning from on-line to off-line when you open local host is a problem. The Omniverse team will be investigating this issue and will be addressed in a subsequent update.

I’ve seen the rotating camera issue when I had my flight stick plugged in. If that’s true for you, can you unplug it and try again? (A Shield/PS4 controller is okay)

cool! I thought It was something I did wrong!

I’m interested in try setting up a docker nucleus at our studio servers now, and use cache from my home windows box with it. I couldn’t find any information on how to startup a docker nucleus. Could you point me out to the docs for that?

I only have a keyboard and mouse connected. Although, as I’m using Parsec remote desktop to use my windows box remotely, I known parsec does emulate a virtual gamepad, but only If I have one plugged to my computer. I’ll check windows device manager to see if theres any game controller somewhere!

thanks for the tip!

Links to Nucleus Docker information

This cache issue is being tracked by OM-25037. Thanks letting us know about your experience!