Isaac Gym ROS Training

Is there any way to training the robot by ROS in Isaac Gym?

I tried several method, but when the world.reset() is up the simultion is shut down.

how can i synchronize the simultion with ros in Isaac Gym?

Can you give a little more detail about what you are looking for? Which part of your system is suppose to be in ROS and which part are you training in Isaac Sim? Where and when is the data suppose to go between Isaac Sim and your system via message passing? and are you using standalone python scripting or are you staying mostly in omnigraph?

I just want to training the husky mobile robot in IsaacGym through ROS.

But, when the roscore is started or world.reset() command is started, the simulation is shut down.

I posted my error video and i send the code/usd file to your private message right away.

If can help my problem, I’m really greatful your kindness.

can you also send/post the log file for Isaac Sim please? Thanks.

How can i face up the log file?

it should be in the first couple lines of the terminal when you launch Sim. The default is somewhere in .nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/Isaa-Sim/[version]/

you mean the carb log is require right??

this is my carb log file.

i’m sorry to respond late.

kit_20230202_203958.log (662.2 KB)