Automate use cases with Isaac Sim and Isaac SDK like Gazebo and ROS

So gazebo can be automated for testing, ive seen this with AWS Robomaker
Do you have a blog or book or some in depth resource as to how i can also do this with Isaac Sim.

With ROS i can just run some command line scripts to launch thier nodes as well as gazebo. I can also run other nodes that run my test cases and send messages and wait for proper responses from the ROS message bus.
e.g. drive 50 feet forward, test for april tag, repeat till you find all the april tags.

Do you have a educational resources that can hand hold me through setting this up in Issac Sim?

WE do have some good tutorials on Isaac Sim latest release and doc. Please check it out and let us know if you still can’t find what you are looking for

you can also run Isaac Sim in Robomaker if you want

See the standalone samples here
Its possible to create ros publishers/subscribers in a python script directly.

You can also use this standalone python workflow with a ros launch file to fully automate your custom nodes as usual and run simulator as part of the launch process.