Isaac ros object detection usb camera

ros2 launch isaac_ros_detectnet

When executing the above command, is there a way to proceed through a USB camera instead of a test image?

Hi @rlatae123

you can modify the and run instead of a rosbag file a usb_cam package.
You can install on the Isaac ROS container with:

sudo apt install ros-humble-usb-cam

When you connect the USB cam node to the isaac_ros_detectnet check the encoding output and the image resolution you want to use with your camera.

Hi @Raffaello

I disabled the rosbag part of the file and ran it again, but rosbag is still running.

Is there a way to build only the launch part?

yes, sure.

you can build your own ROS2 package, on the ROS2 workspace following the Open Robotics guidelines

The workspace folder on your x86 machine is located on your host in

cd  ~/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev/src

Or watch the documentation on Developer Environment Setup — isaac_ros_docs documentation

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