Isaac Sim (2021.1.1) Wont Launch (Omniverse 1.3.4)

Hi, Nucleus uses the ports below:
3009: API
3030: Large File Transfer Service (LFT) port
3100: Authentication service port
3180: Authentication login port
3333: Discovery Service port

3080 and 3085 is being used by the Omniverse System Monitor

Looks like LFT service fails to start. Try stopping all Nucleus service and make sure port 3007 and 3030 is not used locally and try installing again.

Will these be needed to allow in as well or only out? I have already allowed all outgoing ports and it is still not working.

Yes, this is the default outbound rules for a security group.
In the inbound rules, do something similar but with your public IP address to allow all traffic to that IP address.
IPv4 All traffic All All <public_ip_address>/32

Note: Having a static/non-shared public IP as well as a VPN is recommended for a secured connection.