Jeson Nano - control the capture frame going into ISP

Hi All,
I’m working on jetson nano and I use the Libargus to obtain images from csi camera. I want to stop the frame from going into the ISP before I ask for it by using Libargus, which means I want to store the frames for a while before it goes to ISP. I want to do this because I need some time to determine if the frame should be processed by ISP. If the frame shouldn’t be processed by ISP, then I obtain it directly, if it should be, then I send it to ISP and get the processed frame.
I have konwn I need to set the parameters about ISP before sending a capture requset when using Libargus.
So is it possible to do this? if it is possible, how can I do it? Maybe modifying the camera driver?
Thanks in advance,

Sorry couldn’t support this kind of case. The frame data is streaming mode to ISP and output to memory directly.

Oh! So if I set the setEnableIspStage() function to be false, does it mean the frame will bypass the ISP and output to the memory?
Because the setEnableIspStage() function doesn’t exist in the jetson nano jetpack, how can I bypass the ISP? Maybe setting the output stream piexl format to be RAW16, or setting setPostProcessingEnable() funtion to be false?

I mean you can’t store the frames for a while and send to ISP due to current ISP don’t support input sources from memory.

Got it, thanks!

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