Jetpack 4.4 will not flash on TX2 custom board


I’ve been having issues with using flashing Jetpack 4.4 onto my TX2 with a custom carrier board. Other versions such as 4.2.2 and 4.3 flash correctly, however Jetpack 4.4 usually hangs at the end and does not flash. With a 4.3 flash, I have tried using OTA Update by following the upgrade to new minor release, which resulted in failure to reboot with the following error:

MTS error (2) : dram alias check failure
cpu waypoint 0.5 failed
ERROR: Highest Layer Module = 0x32, Lowest Layer Module = 0x32, Aux Info - 0x1, Reason = 0x6.

We are currently using UART0_RTS with an FTDI which results in a pin strapping error with the EMC clock, which I have resolved by ensuring it always selects 0xa (external-memory-0), and I can capture video from an IMX415 with no issue. Is this possibly the issue preventing Jetpack 4.4 from working? I mainly just want the SDK components, which I presume I can do without the L4T upgrade.


can you please provide the entire log from the flashing console?

Hi frenzi,

Have you managed to get the custom carrier board flashed and boot up successfully?
Any result can be shared?

No sorry, the end users of the board said they only want Jetpack 4.3 for now, so I focused on reliability of 4.3.
From what I remember the SDK manager always hung at 99% while flashing the os image and just timed out. Using also just ended up hanging from what i recall, it has been a while and I do not have access to boards anymore (I’ve finished my end of the project, so back to uni, grinding my teeth on PyTorch and TensorRT).

This may be related, but didn’t want to cross issues if they are separate: