Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit computer fan hardware is not functioning correctly

I can hear a grinding noise. It spins a little then stops. There is a mechanical problem with it. I contacted customer support ( Adfar Banday) chat line side I was instructed to contact the forum: “I would request you to contact developer forum for the issue, Jetson & Embedded Systems - NVIDIA Developer Forums”.

I don’t believe this is a software issue. Its the hardware and I need it fixed. I ordered this 1/5/2023. Nvidia’s warranty is for 1 year. What should I do?


I can’t give you a full answer, but here are some observations:

  • Jetsons don’t normally produce enough heat for the fan to spin unless under load. Initially starting and seeing the fan only turn on for some brief fraction of a second is normal.
  • The fan should never have a grinding sound.
  • Fans often change behavior from:
    • Device tree relative to carrier board. Is this a custom carrier board? A third party carrier board? Are you using the correct device tree or BSP for that carrier board and module combination?
    • The power model you are running under (are you setting a model?).

For more of an answer from NVIDIA you will want to include:

  • Which module and which carrier board.
  • Which release of BSP you are using; if this is a third party carrier board, you’ll need to mention that you are using that, but if this is a dev kit, then you’ll need to mention the L4T release (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”).
  • What kind of load the Jetson is under.

You may also further tell at what point of boot/operation you hear the fan making noise:

  • at power-on time for about 5s ?
  • After UEFI screen, just before or when Linux boots ?
  • During some heavy processing ?
  • Else ?

Thanks everyone, Customer Support is now investigating. Its a mechanical problem with the fan.
The only reason I noticed was I began to do heavy processing and the case was so hot I couldn’t touch it & I was getting warning messages not to touch the case. Then I noticed the FAN was not moving. I jiggled it with a thin screw driver, it spun a few times and came to a grinding halt.

Thanks again!

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