Jetson AGX Orin Will not boot - 2 MOSFETs blown


One day the Jetson was turned on wouldn’t boot, and when opened up the power stage part of the PCB smelled like coal. When I noticed the Jetson hadn’t booted I saw that the DC jack cable had partially melted.

Also during this failed boot I had attached:

  1. a 0.2A computer fan being powered from a USB port for a couple of weeks with it operating fine (flyback diode implented).
  2. a relay coil across 5V pin to GND of the Jetson. This was the first time tryin this. However, when I touched the DC jack it was cool, so had potentially failed during a previous use.
  3. Ethernet cable. Likely not the cause.
  4. A 19V DC power (off the shelf buck converter) supply

The two circled MOSFETs blew (0 Ohm reading across draain to source). It seems that there was some kind of short on the VDD_CVM line, since there was likely a lot of current going through the two circled MOSFETs.

Jetson Orin NX Carrier Board schematics snip:

Any Idea what may have caused this?

The jetson was being used on a 4 wheeled robot that traverses orchards.

Are you talking about AGX Orin or Orin NX? If the two MOSFETS are damaged, it looks like the abnormal heavy load of module cause such damage.

It is an Orin AGX dev kit. I’m not sure how it would’ve been overloaded though…

It might be caused by some device shorted or ESD damage. You can try RMA for it.

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