Jetson does not load the OS

I’m using jetson tx2
after the extlinux.conf file changes, the OS does not start, a black screen is displayed

I tried the recovery mode using sdk manager(1.9.2-10888_amd64), terminal displayed the following errors:

Please put the error message as text here, not image file.
I also need you to provide the following information: what version of L4T you are using, and the content of your extlinux.conf.
Looks like the old TeamViewer repository is no longer available, which is not something we can handle.
Also, can you boot up your device using the flash script provided in the L4T release instead of SDK Manager?

Thank you for answering my question

Errors are output to the sdk manager terminal:
ERROR: NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker integration (Beta) - target: DevZone get download url failed: HTTPError: Response code 401 (Unauthorized)
ERROR: VPI on Host - host commaand terminated with error
ERROR: VPI on Host - host E: The repository ‘ stable Release’ no longer has a Release file.
ERROR: File System and OS - target_image: command terminated with error
SUMMARY: Flash Jetson TX2 - flash: Depends on failed component

read more about L4T at this link, there is a folder name “LT4 - readme”

Unfortunately, I can’t access the extlinux.conf file
because the jetson screen is only in a black state, with the inscription:

[2.277615] cgroup: cgroup2: unknown option “nsdelegate”
[4.139585] using random self ethernet address
[4.149134] using random host ethernet address
[4.925061] using random self ethernet address
[4.941246] using random host ethernet
[ 6.037986] CPU1: shutdown
[6.106025] CPU2: shutdown

Hi, so you can’t login to your Jetson even with serial connection? As you can’t access extlinux.conf, do you still remember what changes did you do to the file?

Also, please try to flash your board with the flash script provided here, which only installs the L4T OS itself, without other JetPack components. If it does work, then we are sure the problem is about the SDK Manager.


This is the setup for serial console.

When did you install TeamViewer? This is what causes the failure. It shouldn’t be part of a flash, but I saw it as one of the failures in one of the screenshots.

I apologize for the long absence, I decided to take it up again and fix my jetson

I found a similar problem

but I do not display the inscription in “lsusb” :
“PL2303 Serial Port.”

made a serial cable

The serial port on pins 8,10 is for serial console, and is not used for flash (although sometimes it is useful to see the serial console log during flash). That set of pins is not USB, and fortunately it is 3.3V, the same as USB2 D+/D-, so I doubt that would have harmed anything.

Flash requires the micro-OTG port be used with a micro-B USB cable.

Incidentally, when a serial console is used with pins 8,10, it requires a “USB serial UART”, and this is far more than just a cable; it has a mating serial UART which talks to the UART on pins 8,10, and then a USB adapter.

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