Jetson nano 2GB black screen/No display after boot

Hi. My jetson nano shows the NVIDIA logo at the boot screen and a few lines of logs and then the screen goes black. SSH is however working and everything else I believe is also working. I am using hdmi TV as the monitor and I do not have any other choice.
Here dmesg report

Not sure if you hit the same issue. Please check if apt update/upgrade triggers your issue.

I did all this. However, I’m still booting to a blacked screen after the initial NVIDIA screen, then a few lines; the last one seems to say login or logon.
I can SSH.

Sorry to hear that. But I would like to ask what did you do?

Hey, same problem here. I only did update and upgrade… Did you find a solution?

Hi there. I followed your instructions and now I have a GUI. However, the font size is extremely small and it makes GUI useless since I can’t read anything…

If you don’t mind, maybe you can directly upgrade to rel-32.5 which has this fix too.

If you still hit font issue on rel-32.5, file a new topic. Thanks.

What is it rel-32.5 ? I mean the latest version I could find is …

Jetpack4.5 is l4t 32.5…

Anyway, file a new topic for your issue. Share a screenshot to show us what is going on.

There is no need for a new topic, you had this issue in the past and now it happens again, see here

The post you shared is saying the menu and font size are small.

But our topic here is talking about black screen. Which one is your problem now?