Jetson Nano J1020 4GB booting but black screen appears


My hardware is Jetson Nano J1020 4GB. I haven’t added additional storage or SSD to the Jetson. Now, when the system is booting up, on HDMI display I can only see NVIDIA logo and some console logs, after that, the display goes black (however it is still active, it does not go to sleep mode as it would be in case of no HDMI signal). it happened after I tried upgrading Python 3.6 to 3.8 and then installing Ultralytics. I think it happens because the storage space is too full.

This is my first time using Jetson, I hope someone can guide me to fix it. Thanks a lot.


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Ask the board vendor for how to re-flash the device.
Don’t try to upgrade Python verison yourself; it may break a lot of package dependencies.

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