Jetson Nano 2GB Only Boots 50% Of The Time

Hi there!

Problem is basically the title. My Jetson Nano 2GB only boots 50% of the time.
I’ve come to this number by attempting to boot about 50 times so it’s a definite trend.

The behavior is the same across all of my power supplies:

  • USB-C connected to lab power supply at 5V and 5.2V (capable of up to 10A)
  • USB-C connected to 5V 3A UBEC from a Lipo battery
  • GPIO on 5V and GND

I have also experienced this behavior on 2 different 2GB Jetson Nano boards, and have tried two different flashed SD cards.

The green power light is always solid green, so it isn’t indicative of when the Jetson has booted or not. I have to be plugged into a screen via HDMI to actually know.

This is pretty frustrating because I want to run the Jetson Nano headless but I never know when the Jetson Nano actually boots.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

hello user51473,

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with.

Hi @JerryChang

How can I tell this?

I downloaded and flashed the image on this setup page on 9/22/21

The OS is Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic

hello user51473,

did you download the SD Card Image to prepare your microSD card? if yes, the file name should contain the version info.

Ahh okay.

The zip was named this “jetson-nano-2gb-jp46-sd-card-image”

So I’m guessing the jetpack version is 4.6 or something?

Hi user51473,

We can’t reproduce this issue with JP-4.6 on Nano-2GB.
Could you try to connect uart log to check if device isn’t booting, the uart print any log or not.
You can connect TX/RX/GND cable on J12 pins to check debug uart log.
Please reference detail from user guide.

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