Jetson Nano Development Board is not booting up


Today I received Jetson Nano 4GB development board. I followed all the steps given in Gettng started with jetson nano development kit.

  • Prepared SD card
  • Made the J48 Jumper ON as we are using DC-IN
  • Adaptor is of 5V, 4A
  • Insert SD card
  • Connect HDMI cable with monitor

When powering up the device, green power LED (DS3) is glowing but I am not able to see anything over HDMI.

Same adaptor, HDMI cable and SD card is working with my old Jetson Nano development kit.

Please help me to resolve this problem.

Thanks and Regards,
Vikas Dwivedi

Quite often it is booting fine, but the video just doesn’t show up. By far the best way to look at what is going on is to get a serial console boot log. See:

Hello linuxdev,

I bought three development kit and all three is not working. Two boards is having HDMI issue and one board is having power issue.

I checked on serial console for all three devkit. Log file is attached.

Power_off_nano_log.txt (4.3 KB)
HDMI_nano_log.txt (6.2 KB)

Please check the log and let me know what is the problem and how We can resolve it.

If it is hardware issue please confirm so that I can ask my supplier to start RMA process.

Thanks and Regards,
Vikas Dwivedi

Please flash both of your module with sdkmanager first.

Read point 0 in below.

Just a note on why flashing with SDKM is required. The boot is rejected very early on. Regardless of whether or not this is an SD card model there is memory on the Nano itself (part of eMMC if eMMC model, part of QSPI memory if SD card model) which flash installs, and which must be a version consistent with what the rootfs partition has. Do note that some of this content is signed, and even if using the default of a null signing (a NULL key is still a key and is the default when flashing without specifically setting keys), it must be signed correctly. Flashing should set up all of that early boot content for you. Then the boot log should go much further. There is a minor variation of this in both logs.


I flashed all three modules with SDK Manager and it is working fine.

Now I am getting new problem “System Throttled due to over current”

My Adaptor is of rating 5V 10A.

Why We are getting this issue and how it can be resolved?

Thanks and Regards,
Vikas Dwivedi