Jetson Nano doesn't show up Mini PCIe device when checked with lspci -v


I am having a module called MT7915AN(Mediatek) which is wifi module connected to Jetson Nano board with M.2 key E using M.2 key to Mini PCIe adapter. When I checked it with the lspci -v command it doesn’t show up the device is connected. I have attached the dmesg log there it shows pcie - 0 link is down, retrying and end up with ignoring. Also attached pci log (dmesg | grep pcie). I am using barrel jack power supply of 5V 4A. The module MT7915AN requires 3.3V voltage and 3.5A current.
1.Is Jetson nano carrier board is able to provide this much of current when USB keyboard, mouse and hdmi are attached?
2.Do I need to modify dts and dtsi to add node/subnode?

Thank you in advance.
dmesgpcilog.txt (3.2 KB)
dmesglog.txt (57.7 KB)

Sorry for the late response, we will do the investigation to have the update soon.

M.2 Key-E slot provides power to the connected device. Are you saying that the Mediatek card that you are using here needs an external power supply and hence you are connecting the power externally?
BTW, are you sure about the 3.5A current? that looks a bit high.

Hi vidyas,
I am not connecting an external power supply. Is carrier board able to provide this much of current? is there any way to supply the power externally? And yes the requirement is 2.5 A to 3.0 A and 3.5 is maximum.