Jetson Nano Not booting and blinking in a wired manner

After connecting Jumper48 and powering the Nano using a power jack (from a 5v, 4A adapter recommended by Nvidia), the nano does not power up but the LED’s on the Gigabit ethernet port blink. What could be the problem?

Video of behavior is available on the following link

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Somehow I cannot watch your youtube video. But the debug method here should be similar to other issues too.

Please try to dump the serial console and see if any error log.

Thanks for the prompt response WayneWWW.

Here’s the link to the video of the fault:

In case the video still fails to play, here’s the different link (uploaded on Google drive)

problem again:

the power on LED does not light when the Nano is connected to power. The only LED’s that come on are those of the Gigabit ethernet port.

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Sorry for late reply. Have you also try to connect a jumper on J48?

Hi araphatarafat,

Have you managed to get device boot up successfully? Any result can be shared?