Jetson Nano + OpenCR configuration - Dynamixel not spinning

I swapped out the Raspberry Pi in the turtlebot for a Jetson Nano and followed the OpenCR setup steps outlined here:

I was able to upload the firmware successfully to the OpenCR (from both the Jetson and from my PC using the Arduino IDE). However, when I pressed the switches for the OpenCR test to observe if the Dynamixel motors were spinning upon pressing the switch buttons, they didn’t spin at all.

I then did the Dynamixel setup for the OpenCR ( and the motors spinned when I uploaded the test motor code to the board using the arduino IDE from my PC. I then uploaded the turtlebot3_core to my board and connected the OpenCR to my Jetson. However, the motors still didn’t spin after I pressed the buttons (the buttons are functional as I did another test using the IDE from the PC). I am not sure how to rectify this, and I could do with some help :)

This looks like related to 3rd-party SW, We don’t have much experience on it, may other developers to provide suggestions to see if can help.