Jetson Nano Production Module not booting


I’ve flashed the OS to the Jetson Nano Production Module using the SDKManager and then using the
script to flash it into the internal eMMC using the command:

sudo ./ jetson-nano-emmc mmcblk0p1

here is the result:

but unlike the Jetson Nano Development Kit when connected to the monitor using HDMI\DP there was no signal and after connecting to the board using UART connector and going over the boot log I have noticed there was an error stating “** Bad device mmc 1 **” and the boot sequence was not completed…

I attaching 2 log files, one is the of the Jetson Nano Development Kit which is booting successfully and the second one is of the Jetson Nano Production Module which has errors.

Jetson Nano Production Module log:
Jetson Nano Development Kit log:

Any help will be appreciated,

May I know what carrier board are you using for the production module?

My carrier board is 180-13449-DAAF-A02 which came with the development kit.
If it is not compatible with the production module can you tell me which carrier do I need to purchase?

Yes, you are correct. They are not compatible with production module.
Please try to contact with these vendors to get a carrier board.


Are the “Jetson Nano Reference Design Schematics” under the Module Documentation
found in this link:

refer to the Carrier Board of the Development Kit and not the Production Module?
If so, what are the differences?

The reference schematic in DLC is for carrier board design which is compatible to production module. Your carrier board is A02 version which is not compatible to production module.