Jetson Orin fails to power on after installing the capture card

After installing stereolabs’ gmsl2 capture card in the Jetson orin, the power does not turn back on. In particular, the LED indicator on the development board does not come on immediately after connecting USB-C power. (Automatic booting does not work.) In particular, if I press the power button in that state, I can see that the led blinks once and turns off. I would like to find a way to solve this situation in the above situation. Thank you for reading this long post.

When connected using a different usb-c connector, it does not automatically boot in the same way, but when the power button is pressed, the led is confirmed to continue. However, rather than the feeling that the LED was constant, it felt like it was shaking. I would like to ask if it is correct to assume that it is a hardware problem.

I will suggest that maybe it is related to power consumption. If you have a way to either (A) externally power the capture card, or (B) use the barrel connector and a higher capacity power supply. Although USB-C provides more power than the older USB connectors, it still is not as much as the barrel connector provides. Even if you don’t intend to keep using the barrel connector, I’ll suggest it is a necessary test before going further.

Incidentally, how does the capture card connect? Is it PCIe? USB? If USB, then you can use a powered external HUB for this test.

Thank you for replying. Actually, all the processes presented are the phenomena that occur when the capture card is removed and then executed. If I apply a high voltage, it may be a hardware problem, seeing the LED light flickering when press and hold the power button.

When checking the connection of the board with the current 5pin UART, it was confirmed that the disconnect and connection to USB-C were well recognized. However, I couldn’t get any boot information from pressing the power button. Also, the USB-C next to 40pin is not giving any information to the local computer right now. I would be grateful if you could help me on how to fix it.

(ps. While the connector is connected, the power is not turned on, but heat is still generated.)

Is it correct that even though no extra device is connected (except maybe keyboard/mouse/display) that even the serial console shows nothing? Also, did you mean that holding the power button to try to turn it on results in only a brief flicker of the LED?

Seeing heat generated when the unit is turned off is alarming as it makes me think the carrier board itself has a failure. If the above conditions are true, and heat is generated even with the LED off, then I think the carrier board needs to be replaced (for a dev kit that means replacing everything in RMA, you can’t get just a carrier board for a dev kit, and despite me suspecting the module is still good, it isn’t a guarantee).

Ideal is to have a second dev kit and to swap the modules between them and see if the problem follows the module or if it follows the carrier board. I am going to guess that this is not practical unless you work at a company with multiple Orins available.

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