Jittering Issues, Pivot Tool Issues, and Objects (W/ Colliders) Phasing Into Each Other

I am working with my institute on implementing Omniverse into a competitive robot design course, but my team and I have been facing issues when trying to get our demo scene to function properly in Omniverse Create. The issues are viewable in this video: https://youtu.be/FqBDJARoWEk

The simplified version of the demo is to have the robot flip a ring onto the center pole and drop balls into the rotating hopper. As viewable in the video, the ring flipping mechanism is facing the most problems since it uses a joint (unlike the static ball dropping mechanism). The demo’s main goal is to demonstrate Omniverse’s physics capabilities, so complete robot control is not important (hence why Isaac Sim is not being used for this robot demo).

Preferably, I am looking for solutions that are easy to follow so they can be used by future students who encounter the same issues (although it would be ideal if the issues could be resolved entirely in a future update). If the solutions (or future version solutions) cause too much user friction, then it would not be worthwhile for my institute to incorporate Omniverse into its curricula. I am ideally looking for a straightforward solution, but any help/guidance would be appreciated. The .USD of the demo scene is attached in the reply, but let me know if anything else is needed; thank you in advance for your assistance.

ME2110Demo.usd (59.0 MB)

@WendyGram who would be best to reach out to for this? Thank you!

Trying this in Kit 105 (newest beta release) lets reconnect by friday 7/14