Collaboration with Physics in Omniverse Create

I’d like to be able to create a collaborative physics sandbox in Omniverse Create between multiple users. Something where multiple people could build with blocks or marbles that react physically plausibly. This Omniverse Community Stream shows something similar to what I’m thinking:

When I try to build a simple setup with a block and a floor, the synchronization between the clients isn’t smooth. For example, if I run the physics simulation on client A, and then try to pick up a block and drop it on client B, the block will jump back and forth between where it is on client B, and where I picked it up from. On client A, the block will slowly drop toward the ground. If I manipulate the block on client A, then it works fine.

I think what’s happening is that the USD reads and writes are conflicting with the physics simulation. Is there a way to make this work, or is what I’m trying just a bad idea?

Hello @cegbert! Have you tried the latest version of Create 2022.2.0? I know they just released some performance updates for synchronization!

Performance Improvements

Performance with OmniLive has also improved, resulting in a smoother collaborative experience.


If you are still experiencing this with the latest version, could you provide a video of this happening so that I can report it to the developers?

Yes, this is with 2022.2.0. Here’s a video:

ScreenCapture_9-1-2022 3.06.10 PM.wmv (3.9 MB)

Hey @cegbert, we’re somewhat able to reproduce your issue here on our internal build of Create. From what we can tell, the host of the live session has a smooth experience throughout, but users that have joined the live session run into this issue in certain conditions. For them, the sync is pretty smooth until we use the transform gizmo to force the object into collisions with other collision shapes, which results in a behavior similar to what you’re showing in your latest posted video. We’ve create a development ticket to improve this interaction. Thanks for letting us know!