Loading Example Hangs at 99%

Hello, I have been setting up Isaac Sim on a new machine running Ubuntu 20.04, and I have ran into an issue. When I try to load any “big” examples the program stops responding near 99%, I can actually see the assets in display but without any textures, just grey blobs. It is worth mentioning that the “follow target” example works fine, and I think the system specs are good as well, since the examples I am trying to run work fine on another machine with similar to lower specs.
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I don’t know what is happening, but when I get this problem, it is because there is a material or texture on a server that it is trying to download but does not have access to.

Is there an error message in the output window?

The output window doesn’t show anything, if the environment is already cached then it just shows something like “Isaac Ready”, and if it’s a new one then it does the “compiling Ray Tracing, X seconds elapsed”, and then it freezes.

Hi @sousadiogo7 - Can you share the log file for us to look further?

Can you also confirm the drivers are up-to-date according to requirement? 1. Isaac Sim Requirements — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Late response but eventually I added more ram to the build and it finished the loading.

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