Locking cameras?


I first try this method locking cameras, that you gave me:

“one idea is to keep the camera in a separate usd, then load it back into your working stage via a sublayer, then lock that layer (with the camera). that way you can still edit it at the camera’s source usd while preventing accidental unlocking of the cameras through switching in the view dropdown menu of the working stage. the downside is, of course, not being able to change any of your camera’s param on the fly if you are looking to lock the camera’s transform.”

Please see this video:

The cameras are not locked…

@pekka.varis while you are correct in that the cameras can still be moved behind a locked layer, you can delete the delta in your main scene (not the camera USD). that should revert the changes to the setting you had in the camera USD. It’s a bit less destructive if you have a lot of people touching the main file because all the deltas will be tracked and can be reverted.

that said, if you want to skip a few steps, you can always just lock the camera via the stage panel. here’s the process below:


to bypass the prompt i mentioned towards the end - if you do end up deleting the locked prim from stage by accident, you can simply reload the stage again. not sure if it’s a bug or design as intended.

as mentioned before, there are several ways to locking the cams. i’ve used the above and few other methods not mentioned here. so feel free to try other suggestions from other users!

So good! Now we got all we need, thanks @Simplychenable !!

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Unfortunately the locked camera is again free to move when USD file is saved and opened again… I wonder why?


I have said, this is an editing package. It is not designed to be locked down in any way. This is to be used by professionals, for professionals. If you tell someone “I have locked my camera, don’t move it”, that is as far as we can take it. You are trying to make this feature work, but as stated, “Composer is a foundation example app”. It is designed as a template for you to build your OWN app". Or at least rip the camera code out of the kit file.

To look at this another way. What if your uses move the camera ? Don’t you want your uses to find there own view ? If they “reset” the system, and do not save the USD file, they will not break the original position.