Looking for a freelancer to solve our problem with TX2 in UAE - Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Details inside

Hi Everyone,
We have a product built with multiple TX2s. Some mipi cameras connected to these TX2s. 1 or 2 TX2s are not functioning properly and we need to replace them but we only have other TX2s on our hand. We can not just flash new one and install apps in it. We need to clone one of the working ones.
I have faced some issues while trying and dont have time to solve this issue asap.

I am looking for a freelancer who may assist us physically in Abu Dhabi.

Anyone may get interested please let me know. We can discuss details in private.

Hope you can resolve the problem smoothly!

Hi, not yet. We were struggling to get info from serial port. Carrier board need some rework as per producer. I am planning to see if it will work today and update here.

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