Mini PCI Card Installation Questions

Just received my Intel 7260 mini pci card for my Jetson. I’ve noticed that there are no screws to install the card to the board.

After sliding it into the slot, it currently protrudes at an angle away from the board (but is sitting securely in the slot).

a) Is it mandatory to screw this down? I’d like to flash and start using it - can I do so while I look for screws?
b) Did I lose these screws or did the Jetson not ship with them?
c) Does anyone know what size screw I need?


M2x4mm screws seem to be the standard. My 7260 was also lacking screws and I had to buy a kit.


It’s installed (happened to have some short M2 standoffs laying around).

I’ve also installed the two antennas I bought - does it matter which color goes into which terminal? One antenna is white, the other grey. I think I read somewhere that it doesn’t matter which goes into which - just wanted to confirm.

The antenna colors don’t matter.

Scan for Wi-Fi access points with sudo nmcli device wifi list.

Attach to Wi-Fi AP with sudo nmcli device wifi connect "<name>".

Scan for Bluetooth devices with hcitool scan.

The 7260 seems to be working fine with the Grinch kernel.

Which Grinch kernel are you using right now allanmac? 21… or 19…?

I’m using Grinch 21.2.1 but haven’t used it enough to observe some of the kernel issues others have spotted.

Are you running a desktop on 21.2.1?

I didn’t expect to get everything before Santyago released another 21… update. Not sure if I should just wait a few days. But if you are running pretty much the same system as me and haven’t had any issues I might just go for it.

I just want to get a Chrome browser running and I’ll be happy for now.

I have no data on the desktop. I know that it works but I stick to the command-line (via the serial port!).

Thanks again, much appreciated!

I use #2-56 x 3/16" pan head screws on the mini-PCIe. Perfect fit.

Before I had these screws I tied down my mPCIe NIC via thin fishing line…which worked, but you have to hold the card down without too much pressure, it’s hard to get right. I suspect anything capable of using the newer/higher speed 5GT/s would fail but throttle back to 2.5GT/s…faster clocking requires a very high quality signal.

Is this the correct model:

I’ll confirm the #2-56 pan head, 1/4" or shorter. I initially thought they were M2.5x3 but then found the fittings on the BOM for the board. I got the screws at RadioShack.

If you are wondering if this model fits in the half-length mPCIe slot, it does.

I did want to know that, but is it also compatible with The Grinch v21 by default?

That I do not know. I’ll probably be finding out around the end of the upcoming weekend.

Yes, this module works for me on Grinch v21 without issues.

I purchased and received the WiFi card on Amazon I installed the card into the mPCIe slot, screwed it in, and added an antenna. My personal WiFi signal was listed but after entering the password, I was connected, but could not receive any data.

I installed the drivers from this video and can no longer even see WiFi signals.

Did I just ruin my WiFi drivers?

What version of LT4 are you using?


If you followed the video, then you installed the 7260 driver for LT4 21.1, which is incompatible with 21.2.

I believe 21.2 is supplied with the 7260 driver, but I haven’t tested it yet. I’m not sure if 21.2 has the driver built in to the kernel, or as a module.

The video shows installation of the 7260 driver as a module, and only matches the 21.1 kernel. If 21.2 has the driver built in to the kernel you should be able to reverse the steps in the video and 21.2 should “work” as previously. If 21.2 has the driver built as a module, more than likely the module was overwritten. In that case you’ll either have to find the module in the distribution files and copy it over, or reflash 21.2.

People have had issues using the 7260 without antennas, it could be that the signal strength was weak if you were not using any. There are a couple of options, foil antennas or standard ones like shown in the video.

Editorial: Drivers suck.