Mkdir permission error when downloading content

I’ve been trying to use exchange content download through omniverse launcher, i’ve came accross following error when downloading content:

Error occurred during installation of Industrial 3D Models Pack: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/home/USERNAME/omniverse_content/ov-industrial3dpack-01-100.1.1/Buildings/Warehouse/’

running on ubuntu 22.04

Hello @eytandn! This sounds like it may be an issue with your firewall settings, but I would need to see your logs to confirm.

Here is a list of Firewall Endpoints that you need to be accessible:

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you very much for your fast response wendy,

System Monitor.log (12.0 KB)

I hope this is the correct log, If not It would help if you could specify which log file you would like me to upload

@WendyGram , I am having the same issue that @eytandn is having. My firewall is inactive. Is there a solution to this issue yet? I have attached my launcher log as well.
launcher.log (106.1 KB)

Hello all! I have some updated information. Word from the dev team is that issue is occurring because the content you are trying to download was specially packaged for the workstation (Enterprise) Omniverse. I was told that you can download these packages via the Omniverse Launcher instead.

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you Wendy, Can you elaborate please? I thought I was using the “Omniverse Launcher”


If this is noty the Omniverse launcher, I would highly appreciate a link to the correct launcher.
Thanks again


@eytandn Were you ever able to install anything in the EXCHANGE → CONTENT section from the Omniverse Launcher?

@WendyGram is this content not meant to be available for non-Enterprise users?

Thank you both!

Didn’t manage to download anything, didn’t try again much

Hello !

I have the same problem as eytandn. Can you explain to me how to solve the permissions problem ?
Thank you !

i have the same iss
ue. has an
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same issue here.
Any pointer to some alternative downloading method?

Hello - can you check if you have read/write permissions to the Downloads folder?

You should also be able to try a different folder to check if the issue persists. Example here: