Mouse and keyboard doesn't on my orin dev-kit

dp display is OK,but mouse and keyboard doesn’t work.
more I can use the ssh remote login. but mouse and keyboard doesn’t,so I can’t login on the GUI.

Which JetPack version you used?
If not JetPack 5.0.2 GA, please reflsh it to see if issue still presented.


Hi, thank you for your reply.
I’ve checked this dev-kit and I can’t find any JetPack Package.
can you pls share some install guide or guide website?
BTW,we have another dev-kit. also can’t find any JetPack Package installed. but the mouse and keyboard works well.

Hi @yilin.shen
May I know which USB port(s) of the system your mouse/keyboard doesn’t work with? USB 2.0 Type A? both?
Do both working and non-working systems have the same DRIVE OS version? Which version is it?
Please provide the syslog of both working and non-working systems.

The Drive os Version is 6.0.3.
I used a usb3.0 typc-c usb hub and connect the mouse and keyboard,it works. look like just the usb 2.0 typeA port not work. BTW, you’ve mentioned that need I provide the syslog,can you pls provide the work step?

Dear @yilin.shen,
For syslog please check /var/log/syslog

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