MSI GT72 w 980m (v352.09) shaky or flickering screen

This is a problem similar to this thread:
A video that shows the issue (not by me)

However the proposed solution doesn’t work for me.

This is on Archlinux and was on Fedora 22 too.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (69.1 KB)

If you could tell me or anyone with the same issue how that workaround was found for the 970m, that would be great.

parse-edid < the-edid.bin-generated-by-nvidia-settings

When it gets to switch modes screen becomes black with an occasional flash of something for a millisecond

noveau doesn’t work at all.

that laptop was expensive, I expected more. My cheap chromebook works better than this.
is there any way I could perhaps grab the correct settings from Windows?

Where can I get Linux support?


Ok I’m returning this laptop, getting my cash back.

MSI Taiwan: