Multi touch usb touch screen support

Hi all. I have an existing touch screen that I’ve been using with a Jetson TX2 and it supports touch events, but not any multi-touch events.

Based on some other forum entries I’ve read, it seems that it should be possible but I might need to write my own driver for that.

Can someone provide some info on this? Hopefully it is possible without needing a custom driver.

I have a chalk-elec 7-inch display that has micro hdmi and usb ports.

Hi james_arcgis,

Not sure how your touch screen worked with your TX2, you will need to find out how it work, then see if possible to leverage it to Nano.

Thanks kayccc,

One of the touch screen inputs is usb, so presumably it's using that interface for the events. With the Ubuntu support, it recognizes the input as touch events so I can configure it to popup the on screen keyboard.  What I cannot do is get it to recognize multi-touch events like pinch and zoom on iOS or Android.