Multiple Displays on the TX1

Hi Guys,

I know that J23 connector is providing some interfaces to connect a display device. Does this also mean that the underlying software is supporting the usage of multiple displays?

And does anybody know a solution to connect to J23 or does a Carrier Board exists which exposes the additional display connection as HDMI, eDP etc?

I believe the additional connection is intended for eDP. I’m not sure what eDP support there is in the Linux kernel, but I know eDP hardware has been successfully created using this connection.

In the BOM, J22 and J23 are listed as Samtec “QSH-060-01-H-D-A”. This particular distributor web page has a data sheet which might show mating connector:|pcrid|82254593421|&gclid=CJyWo4DzkMsCFZSCaQod_UQByw

I’m not sure why the forum page won’t post the URL as a URL…you may need to copy and paste.

Hey linuxdev,

thank you for your reply.
I see that they are exposing eDP and DSI over this connector. My personal problem is that I am not capable to create such a connection with the given mate connector. I mean I could by the connector but then would be lost with it ;)

I see some custom carrier boards like AstroCarrier

or Auvidea J100

But none of them are exposing the display interfaces besides HDMI.

Is this a project which can be accessed publicly. Or can you put me in contact with the guys who accomplished that?

I have make a carrier board with eDP and miniHDMI port. The problem is eDP can not work.

Hi zjj2k,

Could you paste your dmesg?