Multiple USB 2.0 of jetson orin NX to communicate with rpis problem

Hi, I am trying to ping 2 destination ethernet routes from 2 different usb ports in the jetson to micro usb in each rpi. Only the last inserted usb provides a reply to the ping while the other Destination Host Unreachable. What should i do to address this issue?

Sorry, I am not quite sure about your scenario.

Are you using NV devkit here or other kind of custom board? What is the port in use on jetson?

It isn’t clear what you are doing. Are you using two Jetsons with one RPi, or one Jetson with two RPi? It sounds like the latter. Are you using the micro-OTG USB connector on the Jetson to work with the host USB (type-A or type-C) on the RPi? Knowing exactly how many RPi and exactly how many Jetson, along with which exact connector is used on each and where it goes, would help.

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