My nano just won't work

So I bought a Jetson Nano. flashed my sd card twice. and I kid you not it won’t login and is painfully slow. I thought it was the power supply that was the problem but after switching from the micro sub to the 5v barrel jack nothing changed.

i set up the 256 gb sd card, formatted it with etcher (and erased the card before hand), it took 3 hours for this jetson to setup in addition to 2 hours to format.

when i first popped the sd card in, it show this for 20 min “A start job is running for end user configuration”. then a black screen for 30 min. then the setup page was another 40 min. then it showed the page with ok bits. and said snap deom failed. then showed the login page for ubuntu. whenever i click sign in, it crashes

is there a reason why it would take 3 hours for the jetson just to setup and process the sd card

i see videos out there of them booting up in 20 sec

after waiting 3 hours from inserting the card to finally getting on the login page. when I inputted my username and password, it would crash and show the Nvidia logo and take 20 min to reboot. it won’t login. it just keeps crashing.

this is the sd card I bought

I need help because this unbearable

Most people don’t realize that much of the boot content is on QSPI memory on the Jetson itself even though the rootfs is on the SD card. Older releases had less on QSPI, and then most all boot content went to QSPI in later releases. The SD card content must be from a compatible content versus the QSPI content. It is highly likely that the SD card image you created is from a newer release than that of the QSPI. To change the QSPI you need to use an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC and flash it with JetPack/SDK Manager. It is possible something is still wrong, but unless the Nano has matching content for the SD card I would not expect it to boot correctly.

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