Nano cannot send packet on ethernet on u-boot

I want to flash nano-emmc for Network Boot as flow:

but I cannot ping the ip addr about my pc.

but I can ping the ip after login filesystem.Is there something missing?


Why you didn’t run “dhcp” to get IP but use manually setting instead?

Hi :
Because I cannot catch the dhcp-discover message on my pc.
so I used the static ip to test the networking.

Are you saying that your jetson is not connecting to a router or device which does not provide dhcp function?

no, my pc install the dhcp server, and jetson-nano-emmc can login in rootfs and used dhclient to get ip from server.

But in uboot, running “dhcp” does not give your jetson a IP?

yes, I cannot used wireshark catch the discorver and any arp packet on my pc by u-boot.

I used my custom board, and used RTK8370 switch-chip connect the networking-chip, and I find the link-led is not brightness on uboot.


Please try to use devkit to do the test first.

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