Need futher explainations of KL15 Banana Plug, BR+GPIO connector, and PAB Board.


Good day,

We are trying to install the PX2 in the vehicle and there will be several sensors connected to PX2,
there are some questions that I will like to ask.

  1. KL15 Banana Plug Ignition Signal: What is this KL15 connection for? It says here in the Mechanical and and Installation Guide as a “Wake up signal”. How does it works? It is a state? Can it be used to proper shut down/start PX2? and where can we read this state?

  2. BR+GPIO connector and Broad-R Reach and GPIO Harness cable: Is there any detailed documentation regarding this connector and cable? We need to use digital IO to read incremental encoder (pulse signal) in PX2.

  3. Finally please explain what is the purpose of PAB board?

That is all for now.


Q1: Use the car KL15 to power ON and OFF the Drive PX2 is not validated yet, leave this NC is fine.
Q2: Actually the “GPIO” in this connector name is just reserved, no Tegra GPIO exposed to board connector.
Q3: It’s a debug interface board connector, normally wouldn’t needed in the vehicle installation.


Thank you for the quick reply,
Please let me know if there is a new update regarding the KL15 and GPIO.