neeeeeeeed help !!!!! pls, with geforce 8400m g linux driver

hi dear nvidia dev community,
i have a problem … for sure -.-
soo if i have installed the latest nvidia driver for my card i reboot my notebook.
and ever when i logged in my user acc. its show me my coursor and the background, and after a view seconds my screen frozen and nothing happend.

soo dear community what i do wrong ?!

the neavou driver is disabled
my system spcs are :

acer Aspire 7520G:

Amd turion 64 x2 mobile tech. 2 ghz
NVIDA Geforce 8400M G turbo Cache

Linux : Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit
with 3.5.0 kernel

i used this driver

so i hope u can help son as u can

thanks for any answers :-)

greetz hamit

Ps. srry for my bad english … my english ist not the yellow from the egg hahahaha … not XD

you didn’t provided proper problem description as mentioned here: but anyway even if you would, nobody here is interested to help you. just enter geforce 8400m g in the search box, plenty of bug reports describing that recent drivers simply break X system. none of the developers even cared to respond that they will or will not try to solve it. deal with it - card is obsolete and therefore you should not expect linux support for it, because developers spend most of their time on adding support for new chipsets. funny thing is that 314 driver also breaks windows7 as i tested it yesterday (on geforce 8400m g ofc), but in this situation i expect quicker reaction as windows users are 98% of the market target for nvidia corp.