New driver package from 2014-08-22 dosn't work right


I’ve install XS62ESP1009 with updates from driver package released at 2014-08-22. That works correct with any troubles.

But if I update a virtual machine with this windows driver and connect via Receiver, it works some time and sometime not. If it doesn’t work, I can’t start the NVIDIA control central. After reboots (1-2x) it works and after new reboot doesn’t work. We use PVS Streaming, so all Images are identical.

With Nvidia driver package from 2014-04-?? I’ve no troubles. I’ve reinstall all Citrix things and these troubles come after I’ve install the XD710ICAWSWX64004.

My big problem are, I’ve delete the old driver packages. Can you send me the driver packages from 2014-04? The Archive has only the 2013-12 or 2014-08 packages…


Hi Pascal,

You can get the older drivers by going through an advanced search on the website.

However, I’d want to investigate the problems that you’re having here.

Have you installed the updated vGPU manager into XenServer and confirmed it’s present? (You should see the K120Q or K220Q profiles listed in the GPU tab)

Have you recreated the issue with a clean single image, i.e not one created using provisioning services?

I can’t find the driver packages from April. Where are this driver?

We have a GRID K1 card with updated vGPU Manager. So I can see the K120Q profile but we use the K140Q Profile.

Only the golden image is a single VM without PVS, but I connect to this computer with RDP. RDP dosn’t have this problem. I think it is a problem from Citrix XDA and this version of driver. I have cleanup the nvidia driver from VM over install option, but it dosn’t have a effect.

I’ve I don’t install the XD710ICAWSWX64004 but I use the registry hack for mouse Troubles, It have the same troubles as I had installed the Hotfix.

Why I can’t download the driver packages from April over the archive?


You need to eliminate PVS from the equation before we can confirm it’s the driver as it’s intermittent after reboots.

Can you create a new standalone VM with a vGPU profile and then see if the same issue happens with the current driver release.

Hi Pascal,

Did you manage to recreate the issue with a non PVS VM?

Hi Jason_Southern,

I can’t. I’ve no time to check that with new install. So I had never troubles with PVS.
I hope that the new XenServer and driver fix that troubles.

After several times, I had the same issue on old Image. Now I think it’s the new Nvidia vCPU Manager. I can restart the Host and it work for 2-5 days. Thats my workaround at the moment…