No Ethernet


i flashed a jetson tx2 with jetpack 3.2.
as it didnt work i wanted to flash back to 3.1
i did it but i dont have anymore the eth0 interface.

Is there a way to erase all software on the jetson ?
or to overwrite every thing ?
i think some files may be still present on the board.
is it possible ?

thank you,

“Is there a way to erase all software on the jetson ?”
If you repeat flashing, in my opinion that, will do.
Are you using the devkit or a custom board?
I am just wondering what is the output of:

ifconfig -a
rfkill list all

Hi thanks for answering
I think its a HW issue.
I change the Jetson TX2 and it seems to be ok.
I think 1st one is not working.

Thank you

However, you may try to gather some information for troubleshooting. If the issue is not hardware , it can possibly be resolved somehow, in my opinion.

If this is wired ethernet (and perhaps WiFi…I don’t spend much time with WiFi) then routers and network devices connected to it may cache some information related to MAC address. Try rebooting the router if it is an appliance. There may also be some similar cache on an Ubuntu host acting as router…not sure…I use Fedora…but there will probably be a command to drop and restart all DHCP leases which would apply.