No sounds in VR headset while using CloudXR

Hi, we’re currently using CloudXR between a Meta Quest Pro headset and a Virtual Machine on our own VDI infrastructure. CloudXR works very well except that we have no sound in the VR headset.

Some information:
VR headset → Meta Quest Pro with latest updates (65.0)
VM → Windows machine running on our own VDI infrastructure (we use Vmware Blast to connect to the VM)
GPU → Nvidia A16-8Q

The VM’s firewall is disabled and we’ve created a WIFI network to which the headset connects. All ports are open between the headset (from the WIFI) and the VM.
Here is the list of audio devices in the VM, we do have the “NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)” which is present:

We’ve also installed a VBCABLE audio driver with the Input cable in the VM and the Output cable in SteamVR, but despite this we have no audio.
Here are the headset logs:
Streamer Client Log 2024-06-10 07.22.22.txt (7.9 MB)

We also noticed the following error in all log files: “failed to receive hole punching packet. Not an error for GFN".