Not being able to see the console output on RTX 2070

OS: Gentoo x64
Kernel: 5.3.9-gentoo
My kernel configuration:

While using this setup on MSI Z390 Tomahawk I can’t see anything during the boot process.
I saw the problem persisting on Ubuntu 19.10 (live media) and I tried to:

  • blacklist nouveau modules,
  • disable it on kernel config,
  • upgraded my nvidia-drivers to 440-31 with all USE flags but compat,
  • tried many options with framebuffers, eventually I left simple-framebuffer enabled only and it didn’t work.

I use MSI RTX 2070 GAMING Z, if that matters.
Any ideas?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.56 MB)

Do you see anything at all during boot, or is the image completely black until the X server starts?

Does the problem persist if you unplug one or the other of your two monitors before booting?

You need to enable efifb .

Hello, the solution was to enable efifb and to delete init=/lib/systemd/systemd from the cmdline on GRUB. Then it worked.