NVIDIA SDK Manager on Windows

I’m not sure how to get NVIDIA SDK Manager to work on my windows. Is there any way to do it or will I need to download a separate SDK manager?

You have to use an Ubuntu host PC. The particular release required depends on what is being flashed.

When a Jetson is in recovery mode it is a custom USB device and requires a custom driver. JetPack/SDK Manager is just a front end to the actual driver, and the driver is a Linux x86 binary executable. So it is not possible to run this on Windows.

Is there another SDK manager I can use to interface with it? Do I need the manager if I’m just going to interface with it?

What do you mean by “interface”? If your system is already installed, then most any computer can connect, e.g., via ssh or serial console.If you mean to flash, then there is command line, and this allows a wider variety of Linux host PCs for flash, but it still requires Linux (the GUI limits this to Ubuntu of specific releases). If you have everything except optional content packages, then sometimes there are ways to add this via the apt application, but JetPack/SDK Manager is easier. Regardless, you would find life easier with the correct release of Ubuntu Linux. If you are more specific about what you mean by “interface”, then there might be a better explanation.

Will I have any issues connecting via ssh with my windows? The first thing I want to do with it is use a simple spectrometer with it.

ssh works well from Windows if you have the network set up for it. Sometimes Windows might firewall ssh, so you might have to ok it. As far as clients go, PuTTY is quite good and runs on both Windows and Linux, so I suggest you give that a try.

How does your spectrometer display? ssh is not intended for graphics, but it has some graphics forwarding from an X server to an X server, but that rules out Windows. A virtual desktop is more complicated to install, but if you need to view the graphics on a different system, then it can solve a lot of issues for GUI apps.

Ok. After I download an application on my Orin board. How do I run it? Do I need to download other software in order to run applications? I downloaded VSCode, but can’t run it

This is just standard Linux. After you copied to the Jetson, how did you install VSCode? It would use the .deb format, but it would use it on 64-bit ARM, not desktop PC architecture. Assuming you didn’t just copy a file, and that you actually installed, and that you are using the local GUI on the Jetson, you’d just use command line:

Or use an icon assigned to it. Keep in mind that this is not the same CPU that VSCode normally runs on, so I don’t know if it is even available for 64-bit ARM.

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