SDK Manager Jetson Orin Nano USB/NVMe Boot Failing

Jetson Orin nano on a custom board, having some issues booting.

  • USB and NVME have both been attempted
  • ORIN is recognized as a USB device
  • Ubuntu 20 on x86 as the host machine running the SDK manager
  • Manual installation of jetpack only
  • there is nothing on the USB stick so the ORIN does not boot before the SDK manager runs.

The sdk manager runs to about 40% then gets stuck waiting for device to reboot. But there are errors much earlier on that are more concerning.

There are many “Error: Flash Jetson Linux” especially around the 67mb image that I am guessing gets written to the QSPI. I cannot copy and paste out of the sdkmanager so currently I am hunting for the logs. Any help would be great.

Moving this to the Jetson category so the support team has visibility.


SDK Manager is only meant to be used with official DevKits from NVIDIA.
If the custom board is made by a third-party vendor, please ask them for the correct BSP.
If it’s made by yourself, check device tree/pinmux, etc., and flash again with initrd flash.

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