Nvpn 930-13751-0000-100

My team and I are trying to find the best solution to interface with sensors via ethernet. We want to use the H-MTD to E6Z003-001-Z cable that the kit provides. This means that we would need to use the DRIVE AGX Orin 1GbE HMTD to RJ45 Adapter for every sensor. Is there a solution around this? Is there a multiple HMTD to RJ45 box that can be acquired? Or maybe is it possible to convert a standard RJ45 ethernet cable into HMTD?

What kind of sensors need go by ethernet?
H-MTD is designed to support Lidar senser as most automotive LiDAR Sensor use H-MTD.
Camera sensors normally use GMSL.

We have multiple LiDAR and IMU/INSS module. There are more than 8 H-MTD single-paired 100BASE-T1 interface connectors in the Orin. I was wondering what other users are using to interface with LiDAR sensors that don’t integrate the 100BASE-T1 interfaces. Or if they are just using multiple of the RJ45 to H-MTD converters? I am trying not to go with the idea of using an RJ45 ethernet switch and stick with automotive graded interface.

Most cases Drive AGX Orin devkit provide enough ETH ports for LiDAR sensors, few cases need more, that will be switch after switch not easy to find ready-made solution.

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