NvRTX 5.1 Crash: Conflict setting up a third party primary spatial upscaler or temporal upscaler

Hey all,

Hope you can help. As soon as I hit simulate in my project, I get this error.

Assertion failed: !(ViewFamily->GetTemporal UpscalerInterface() != nullptr && ViewFamily->GetPrimarySpatialUpscalerInterface() != nullptr) [File:E:\UnrealEngine-nvrtx-5.1.0-1\Engine\Source\Runtime\Renderer\Pri vate\SceneRendering.cpp] [Line: 4589]
Conflict setting up a third party primary spatial upscaler or temporal upscaler.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 152512

I have DLSS enabled, but I’m unsure why it appears to be clashing?

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Hi there @luke62 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Look at the assertion and try to trace what object is actually active in either UpscalerInterface. That should point you in the direction of the upscaler you might still have active when trying to use DLSS.

It is not uncommon that when you use a project template or similar, that some default setting will activate the standard UE upscalers (like TSR )or AA tools, which will then cause this issue.

I recommend checking the UE documentation on these and see if anything in your project directly or implicitly enables one of them.

Also there are some great Webinars by one of our UE experts on how to use RTX and DLSS with UE, they also touch some of the common pitfalls.

I hope that helps!

P.S.: ALso check out our Discord server for even more interaction with the communtiy.

Hey Markus,

I managed to fix the crashing by changing Temporal Anti-Aliasing to (TAA) AND additionally changing the Project Setting ‘MSAA Sample Count’ to ‘No MSAA’.

Thanks again

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Great to hear that!

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