Old disk image not working with new Nano

I have a custom disk image based on Jetpack 4.3 that I’ve used to flash numerous Nano-based prototypes. Recently I got a new batch of Nanos in and built some new prototypes, but none of the new nanos will boot with my existing disk image. If I flash an SD card with the latest Jetson Nano Developer Kit disk image, the new nanos will boot fine, but with the custom disk image I just get an NVIDIA logo with a white background. I attempted to setup the new nanos using the SDK Manager, hoping that flashing an older version of the SDK would make my disk image work, but I haven’t managed to get the SDK Manager to successfully flash any version of the software to the newer nano. Any help I can get on this would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Dump the serial console log so that we can find out why it cannot boot the device.

  2. Looks like sdkmanager cannot flash, is this your first time using sdkmanager? What is the environment of your host machine?


I have a similar, most likely identical problem. We also have custom disk images based on Jetpack 4.4. I imprudently flashed latest Jetson Nano Developer Kit disk image (4.5.1) and used it in the same nano that was running our custom images. I went through setup and nano booted OK but after that our custom images stopped booting. Inserting SD card with our image (100% working before 4.5.1) puts nano into reboot loop: white logo appears → 1-2 seconds → reboot → repeat. Also, as I recall, white logo as boot wallpaper was not present in 4.4, meaning 4.5.1 setup changed something in onboard memory.
What steps should we take to return nano into 4.4 state so our older images would work again?

Thank you.

Please directly reflash with sdkmanager. Replacing only the sdcard image will not resolve this problem.

Dumping the serial console log is also very helpful when debugging such problem.

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This is my first time using sdkmanager. The first time I tried, I used an Ubuntu 18.04 VM on a Mac through Parallels. The second time I used it in command line mode installed on Ubuntu 18.04 in Windows through WSL2. Is it possible to get sdkmanager working in a virtualized environment, or do I need an x86_64 machine with Ubuntu installed to use it?

You need a x86_64 machine with ubuntu16.04 or 18.04 for it.

I reflashed with SDKManager and was then able to use my existing disk image. Thank you for your help.