People detection in Jetson Nano, is PeopleNet best in accuracy and percision of all models?

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) Jetson nano 4GB
• DeepStream Version 5.1
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only) 4.5.1
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs) question


My application is multiple person detection and tracking

I implemented the application using PeopleNet as below
Object-detection model: NVIDIA-developed DetectNet_v2
Backbone : ResNet34 as feature extractor
Model version: pruned_v2.1 - ResNet34 floating point deployment model

with the following
Object-Tracking: NvDCF

The detection and tracking is good. I also tried with yolov4 + nvDCF, it runs very slow in JetsonNano.

I want to ask if PeopleNet is the best model in terms of precision and accuracy for implementation of person detection and tracking in Jetson Nano?

This looks like a Jetson issue. We recommend you to raise it to the respective platform from the below link



You can find the detailed accuracy vs. performance reports below: