Periodically blue overlay on captures


I’ve a strang problem while capturing images viewportApi.schedule_capture. In some cases the prims I would like to render appear blue…

As you can see the intensity is not always the same. When rendering once again it comes out correct (like the right one).

What could cause this strange results?

Thanks for the help


@c.bickmeier i have seen similar issue and sometimes it’s red instead of blue/cyan. it often appears whenever you load files consecutively, one after the other; and, something feels like it’s the renderer trying to catchup and/or load up. i noticed that this behavior tends to occur more frequently and prominent when using RTX-Realtime compared to Interactive.

the tint tends to go away once the renderer settles, often within a second; and could explain the varying “degree of tint” you saw on your end. another explanation might also be related to texture loading/streaming. we’ve all seen the blue/cyan placeholder color when texture(s) are being loaded into memory on a new asset, but i can’t be quite sure since the phenomenon goes away fairly quickly. regardless, mesh prims seem to be the type that get affected like from your experience. unfortunately, i don’t know if this information helps you in anyway because i can’t quite explain the reasoning behind this behavior.