Placement policy option missing in XenCenter

Help please!

Title says it all. I followed the install instructions to the letter and tried 3 differennt drivers but I’m not getting the Plaement policy options in XenCenter. I’m running on 6.5 SP1 with all updates installed. I installed the nvidia xenServer Supplemental Pack ISO as well but change. I’m kinda new to GRID but if somebody could shed any light on this I’d very much appreciate it.

Many thanks


Have you licensed XenServer correctly?

Which GPUs are you using? K1 / K2 or M60 / M10?

Where did you get the drivers from?



Hi thanks for the quick response. I haven’t received my XenServer license yet. We purchased XenServer Enterprise.
We have K2 and got the drivers off Nvidia’s website
GRID - K2 - XenServer 6.5

Could it be to do with the lack of XenServer license?

Ah, that’s your problem. You need to license XenServer before you can use vGPU profiles, and yes, Enterprise will unlock it for you.

Until it’s licensed, you will only be able to use GPU Passthrough, and not vGPU. So with a single K2, that’s 2 users maximum per Card. Soon as XenServer is licensed, everything will start working :-)

Passthrough does not require the driver in the hypervisor, which is why this works without licensing.

Just so you’re ready for when the licenses turn up, you mention you’ve tried a few different drivers, so just to make sure you have the right one installed, you should be using this one: NVIDIA-vGPU-kepler-xenserver-6.5-367.64.x86_64.rpm

With XenServer, you can also use the .ISO included in the driver downoad to install the vGPU drivers. Just install it using the update feature in XenCenter, saves using SSH :-)




really appreceiate your assitance in clearing this up.
I shall wait for my license to turn up. I’m familiar with the driver update so that shouldn’t be a problem.
If I get stuck at another point may I contact you again for help? Looks like you are pretty clued up on this ;)


Hi Krisztian

No problem at all, happy to help if I can, and if I can’t there’s some very clever people on here that should be able to. Either post on here and I’ll pick it with the community or if you’d rather send me a PM then feel free.

To get an idea of maximum system performance including unlocked frame rate (vGPU has a 60fps max limit), it may be worth experimenting with the Passthrough option until your licenses arrive.

If you haven’t already, it’s also worth tuning the BIOS and hypervisor for maximum performance so you get the most out of the system.



Hi Krisztian,

Would you mind changing your avatar so it’s clearer you aren’t an NVIDIA employee/official account? I hate to ask but its something we ask users to avoid.

This issue is one lots of people hit and we have a KB article on:

It’s always worth a broad search for known issues/common gotchas… e.g. I searched “GRID XenCenter missing” to find these:

Best wishes,